Being seen will save your life

Reflective workwear prevent a worker from being run over on roads or in enclosures with poor visibility. Because being seen is the best protection.

Every day we expose ourselves to many dangerous situations, on the road, in the mountains, traveling by boat or plane. Many people work in factories, in industry, or in airports. Others in maritime rescue, in ambulances... There is an endless list of positions that require a wardrobe that provides security to the person. For this reason employers take more actions to avoid totally unfortunate accidents. First of all, with fluorescent garments that allow us to be identified when we are at risk.

Roly works thoroughly to offer the best selection of reflective clothing. Because only with a good equipment we can save lives in situations of risk.

Comfort is essential

An important factor that we must take into account when manufacture protective equipment is comfort. Logically, when we carry an excess of clothing, as is the case with this type of garments, the more uncomfortable we feel. Doing manoeuvers can be annoying when we are protected and it will reduce production and quality of our work, or it will expose us to another kind of danger.

To avoid this kind of misfortune, in Roly we manufacture light protective garments, to feel comfortable in any circumstance. A comfortable, safe and fully approved equipment, to feel calm in extreme situations.